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Civil-Military Medicine

Civil-Military Medicine (CMM) ensures that the Military Health System (MHS) provides the highest quality of health service support to military missions and responsibilities that are outside the realm of major combat operations.

Program Areas:

Medical Emergency Preparedness and Response:
Ensures policies and programs are in place to enable the MHS to respond to disasters, public health emergencies, and mass casualty events that occur both on and off military installations.

Homeland Defense and Civil Support:
Develops medical policies and procedures that facilitate MHS support to civilian authorities during naturally occurring or man-made disasters.   Coordinates Department of Defense (DoD) support to the National Disaster Medical System and includes pandemic influenza/infectious disease preparedness.

Operational Laboratory Policy and Programs:
Oversight of the Defense Laboratory Network, and represents DoD on the Federal Interagency Consortium of Laboratory Networks.  Integrates detection and response capabilities to chemical, biological and nuclear events.

Coalition and Non-DoD Beneficiary Health Care:
Implements programs to provide health care through the MHS to non-DoD beneficiaries and coalition members through specialized programs and international.