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What is Force Health Protection and Readiness?

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for Force Health Protection and Readiness (FHP&R) is the principal staff assistant and advisor to the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) for all medically related Department of Defense policies, programs, and activities.  The office is responsible for deployment medicine, force health protection, medical readiness, international health agreements, deployment related health policy, theater information systems, humanitarian and health missions, and national disaster support.


To accomplish its mission, FHP&R is comprised of nine major directorates:

    Civil-Military Medicine

    Defense Medical Logistics

    Defense Medical Research and Development Program

    Deployment Technologies and Support Programs

    Force Readiness and Health Assurance

    International Health

    Medical Countermeasures

    Operational Medicine and Medical Force Readiness

    Psychological Health

FHP&R works to disseminate information throughout the Department of Defense to enable defense medical providers in theater and at military treatment facilities to make informed decisions.

FHP&R serves as a conduit through which commanders and Service members can contribute to deployment health policy and best practices.

FHP&R aims to bridge knowledge of past experiences with the potential needs of future battlefields by continuous oversight, evolving medical policy, providing program analysis and technical support for military operations, and a measure of quality assurance to accomplish force health protection and medical readiness.